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Prof. Dickerson has been featured in a recent article, entitled BNL's James Dickerson: facilitating nanotechnology.  Check it out!

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Prof. Dickerson just recently Guest Edited the Journal of the Electrochemical Society’s Focus Issue on Electrophoretic Deposition (  This collection of articles on EPD features many of the cutting-edge trends in the field.

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A new article on nanoparticle monolayer formation, led by Alex Krejci, was published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

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Shalom and Jyotishka have had their manuscript on electrochemical separation of carbon nanotube films published by the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. Congratulations Jyotishka and Shalom!

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Our article on iron oxide nanoparticle monolayer formation by electrophoretic deposition was published by ACS Materials and Interfaces.

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Hardcover versions of Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanomaterials can be accessed via the 'Read Article' link below.

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The Spring 2012 MRS Conference was a great success.  Prof. Dickerson presented an Invited Talk on our Rare Earth Nanoparticles.  He also will be the Editor of the YY:Rare-Earth-Materials Section of the MRS Conference Proceedings.

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Article on graphene oxide films published in ACS Nano.

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Weidong He has finished his PhD with us. Congratulations, Weidong, and best of luck at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory!

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Dr. Suseela Somarajan successfully defends her PhD dissertation. Congratulations Suseela!


Prof. Dickerson is awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER Award!

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Carbon nanotubes are famous for their strength, light weight, flexibility, and conductivity (both electronic and thermal).  Fabricated films, arrays, and composite coatings of carbon nanotubes, also known as buckypapers, are at the forefront of realized industrial applications, such as lightweight armor and field emission video displays.  We have developed a facile way to produce wholly size scalable, flexible, resilient buckypapers via electrophoretic deposition for use in these and other applications for which such carbonaceous materials are desirable.

Major Achievement:

Carbon nanotube heterostructures as architectures for energy storage devices.


This research was featured in The London Centre for Nanotechnology and SPIE Newsroom.

Detailed Discussion:

Freestanding films of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with paper-like morphology (Synopsis Figure), also known as buckypapers (BPs), have been demonstrated for applications such as catalysis, filtration, and energy storage.  Buckypapers can be fabricated using single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs).  The properties of buckypapers—electrical conductivity, tensile strength, and specific surface area, to name a few—depend on the composition of the CNTs, e.g., length of SWCNTs vs. MWCNTs, their alignment in the BPs, and whether any polymer binders are included.  We discovered that BPs can be fabricated via EPD.  The large electric fields associated with EPD drive the nanomaterials very close together.  Along with the large aspect ratio of the nanotubes, this gives rise to large steric and van der Waals interactions between the constituents.  To explore the increased particle-particle interactions in EPD-fabricated buckypapers, we probed the mechanical properties of the films.  Figure Detailed Discussion shows representative force-strain and stress-strain plots for sample buckypapers, as measured by SEM.  The data suggested that we formed brittle films that do not exhibit typical plastic deformation characteristics, which is somewhat atypical of carbon nanotube mats.

Reference Articles:

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