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The Dickerson Group’s research activities can be divided into two trajectories:

1: Electrophoretic Deposition

The electric field-directed arrangement and deposition (electrophoretic deposition) of colloidal nanomaterials into monolayers, thin films, heterostructures, composites, and coatings.

2: Rare Earth Nanomaterials

The synthesis and characterization of luminescent and magnetic nanoparticles, conducted by exploring their crystallinity by high resolution electron microscopy (HR-TEM and Z-STEM) and by studying the luminescent and/or magnetic properties of the nanoparticles, nanoparticles thin films, and heterostructures.

The Definitive EPD Reference Book

Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanomaterials from Springer Books has established itself at the definitive reference on the electrophoretic deposition of nanomaterials. This reference book is available both as a hardcover reference and as an e-book:

Hardcover version
Digital version (e-book)

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